'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world'  Nelson Mandela

What does it mean 'Makomborero'?

'Makomborero' means 'blessings' in Shona, local Zimbabwean language.

What is Makomborero?

Life in Zimbabwe is tough. Especially when you are a kid - only 34%of children are able to complete their schooling. It isn't any easier when you are an adult either - the unemployment of Zimbabwe is as high as 90%.

Makomborero wants to change it. This UK registered charity works to ensure disadvantaged and orphaned children are not denied education. It aims disadvantaged communities and supports talented students to allow them to complete their education and attain excellent grades in their A-levels. It gives them a chance to fulfil their undeniable potential, gives them hope and a future. It makes a change not only in their lifes, but in their families and comunities, and thanks to that - in their country.

Meet amazing people behind Makomborero!

Having lived in Zimbabwe all their lives, Mark and Laura Albertyn moved to the UK in August 2003. Whilst in the UK they set up Makomborero and planned on moving back to Zimbabwe to work in disadvantaged communities focusing on A-level education. During this time, Mark taught at an independent school in Kent and Laura worked in a large state comprehensive school in South East London.

Prior to 2003, Mark was teaching A-level Mathematics and Physics at an independent school in Zimbabwe. During this time, he developed a passion for the scholarship students he taught. Whilst the scholarship programme at the school was excellent, Mark increasingly felt called to provide high quality A-level education within the communities from which these students were being recruited or being able to provide a strong support network for students who had to study away from their homes.

How does Makomborero help?

It provides a scholarship scheme for 8 promising students each year. These students are selected from hundreds of applicants following a rigorous academic and character based selection process developed by Mark. All of the students are provided with a high quality A-level education at three top private schools in Harare, a home to live in and all the resources they require to make their study life as easy as possible. 

It also supports students who don't qualify for scholarship by paying their school fees in their local schools.

But their help doesn't stop on A-levels. In order to ensure that our scholarship students go as far as they can with their education, Mark and Laura work with these students to apply for university scholarships around the world. Those students who don't benefit from university scholarships are offered a grant to study at a Zimbabwean university. These grants will be repaid once the students are in full-time employment, making this scheme self-supporting.

How can you help?

When you purchase an item from our rugs collection, ShowKasa will support this wonderful cause by gifting stationary or paying an A-level examination fee for one of the students. For more information please check the product pages. Thank you!

Each student is an individual and touching story. Shall you wish to meet couple of them, please follow me.