Girls & Boys Town

What is Girls & Boys Town?

Girls & Boys Town is a dynamic non-profit organisation that focuses on the development and strengthening of youth, families and communities in difficulty.Girls & Boys Town logo

How does Girls & Boys Town different from other child care organisations?

Based on Father Flanagan's famous Girls & Boys Town in Nebraska, USA, Girls & Boys Town is the only child care organisation in South Africa where youngsters are significantly involved in decision-making concerning their own affairs. The unique system of peer group self-government and 'family-style' living encourages girls and boys to learn about leadership and responsibility under the guidance of adults.

What services does Girls & Boys Town offer?
  1. A total residential child care program for girls and boys from the ages of 9 - 16, which focuses on their development and growth.
  2. Alternative residential programs - Youth Development Centres and Family Homes - for youth coming into care.
  3. Training services to families, educators and other child care professionals.
  4. A professional national Hotline telephone counselling service for families, professionals and young people needing advice, guidance and/or short-term counselling.
Where are Girls & Boys Town Centres located?

Girls & Boys Town operates two types of programs in eight different settings across South Africa.Girls from The Town in Alpha Family Home in Cape Town
Youth Development Centres are located in Magaliesburg and Randfontein in Gauteng, Tongaat in KwaZulu-Natal and Macassar in the Western Cape.
Family Homes in the community are located in Glenwood, Durban and Verulam in KwaZulu-Natal, and Kenilworth and Claremont in Cape Town.

What youngsters come to a Girls & Boys Town Centre?

The Town accepts girls and boys of any race or religious faith, from every social level of society and from all parts of South Africa.
Young people entering Girls & Boys Town might come from a broken home, a home where there is substance abuse or where there is an insufficient supervision and management. Others may have developed some challenging behaviours - such as uncontrollability, truancy, bad choice of relationships or even related emotional difficulties.
Each child is unique and arrives at a Girls & Boys Town with his/her own unique set of circumstances.

How does a youngster enter a Girls & Boys Town residential centre?

Youth are referred to Girls & Boys Town by family, friends, priest, doctors and psychologists – but mostly by Social Workers.
Youth are placed after the home circumstances have been assessed and where authorities consider the Girls & Boys Town programs to be the best option for the child's needs and difficulties.

How long does a youngster stay at Girls & Boys Town?Parents and caregivers during one of Common Sense Parenting Workshops

Girls & Boys Town policy is to have youngsters for the shortest possible period. After all, their rightful place is in the community with their family.
Ideally, a youngster would be with us for no more than two years before returning home as a responsible, contributing member of the family and community.


Should you wish to find out more about Girls & Boys Town, please click here or simply visit them in South African centre - they welcome all the guests!