Charity projects we're supporting

The dictionary definition of 'Charity' means giving, caring, love and kindness. This is a traditional, thousand year old definition of the word. It all sounds great but how does charity look like today? Why do we think twice when offered a "Big Issue"? or when approached on the street by charity workers seeking donations? Why don't we like giving money to beggars on the street? What happened to the spirit of voluntary donations to those who need it the most? 

All the bad press and affairs around charities have made us cynical... Is our money being spent wisely or getting to the right people? We fear that we'll do more harm than good, and that is the exact opposite of the meaning of the word 'charity'.

ShowKasa supports several charitable projects we have identified and approved (see below). Each of our projects we're supporting will help people directly through employment, skills training or rehabilitation. 

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Gogo Olive not only creates employment for local women in Zimbabwe but also gives hope and opportunity to use their craft skills to build future for themselves and their families.



Girls and Boys Town is the only child care organisation in South Africa where youngsters are significantly involved in decision-making concerning their own affairs. A unique system of peer group self-government and 'family-style' living encourages girls and boys to learn about leadership and responsibility under the guidance of adults.


  Makomborero is UK registered charity that helps disadvantaged and orphaned children of Zimbabwe to get education.

The Groenfontein Toy Project is a employment and skills development initiative for the women of this beautiful, yet economically impoverished, area of the Small Karoo in South Africa.

  Savior Mission Life Visions +18 is looking after young adult orphans in South Africa, who at the age of 18 leave orphanages totally unprepared for life outside.