Curiosity, adventure and creativity. Introducing Mambo Unlimited Ideas -  new interior brand on our board!

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With over 20 years of experience on the market Mambo brings quality, originality and passion into their workshops in Portugal, where every piece is carefully handmade. Always with Portuguese identity, their collection of furniture and lighting has a distinctive 1960's look with modern twist.


Designer Claudia Melo had been working in Mambo since 2007. She marries traditional Portuguese prints and colours with contemporary materials and modern design, often accompanied with beautiful little details.

From their high quality collection of lighting, furniture & rugs the most distinctive is 'Fauna collection', line of nature inspired home decor accessories: ceramic figures with brass details. Real eye candy!


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Interior kingdom in a heart of buzzing Ibiza

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If you ever lucky to be in a beautiful Ibiza, apart from visiting crazy clubs and sunny beaches, make sure you don't miss SLUIZ.

It's a perfect spot for interior lovers, also a great restaurant with amazing burgers that will cure any hangover! (Ok, let's be honest, nothing cures hangover... Especially the 'Ibiza hangover'!)

Founded in 2005 by Dutch couple 6000 square meters tent with loads of rooms is always filled with great music (also once a week live music!), spectacular and colourful displays and wide range of products: from real-size psychedelic pink plastic cow, through Scandinavian style furniture and 80's inspired fashion, to stylish tableware and collection of the most fashionable herbs this season (yes, herbs can be fashionable and SLUZ will prove it to you!).

SLUIZ is a playful and magic shopping experience, not to miss!









Style, comfort & burst of colour - vintage chairs and cushions

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Style, comfort and burst of colour: put it together and you will get Danish vintage chair by Florrie&Bill dressed up by Flock! MadeEthical is impatient to show off and proud to introduce new collection of restored Danish cocktail chairs from 1950.

The art of breathing new life into the furniture

Each vintage chair is handpicked and carefully stripped of any old fabrics and tired fillings by Amy Cawson from Florrie&Bill - an upholstery designer and recycling fan. In a studio based in Long Eaton they use mix of traditional and modern techniques to give chair the most comfort and support and breathe new life into the furniture.

The next step is hand-selecting a perfect fabric for these renewed chairs. MadeEthical is happy to host a collection featuring Flock upholstery. Let's stop here as Flock is truly worth your attention!

The textile geeks

The brand was born from a desire for textiles and new talent. It gathers work of recent graduate designers like Lucy Rainbow, Rachel Parker, Angela Johnston, Cerys Ackland, Gyeongmi Shin.

They give their name to their work and receive a royalty for every metre sold. Inspired by mid century design, nature, technology and geometry young designers turn fabric into pieces of interior art - just have a look at their collection of cushions!

Flock's collection of fine quality linen and velvets are digitally printed in Lancashire or screen printed by hand in London.

Both Florrie&Bill's vintage chairs and Flock lovely cushions are available in our shop.



Have a look and tell us what you think!


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Interior designer recommends

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Just before our recent holiday we got some great news. So what an excellent excuse to postpone packing and tell you all about it: Nicola Holden (, guru of the interior design world noticed us and wrote about us on her blog:

Not sure if I have enough energy on a Friday evening to express how flattered and happy we are to be noticed! Also Nicola is a special person for Nicola put us in touch with Makomborero - one of the charity projects we support.

In her words: 'When I read MadeEthical’s story it really hit home for two reasons. Firstly, they sell beautiful homewares on their website, which appealed to the Interior Designer in me. And secondly, a portion of all the money they make goes to African charities, which appealed to the African Charity Trustee in me'.

Talented interior designer, big hearted human and inspiring person. Thank you Nicola.

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Is it a boat deck...? Is it a window..? Is it a ceiling...? Introducing our recycled picture frames collection

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Behind every inspiring and motivating story there are always amazing people. This is a story about LUNA Designs and I would like to begin it with mentioning Mark and Brian Fanner. In 1996 two South African brothers founded a company that designs and manufactures hand made picture frames from recycled wood. What's so special about that you think? The people? The philosophy? The products?  In fact its everything !!

The people

There are about 50 people who work permanently for LUNA. They collect the waste wood in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Most of employees are homeless and people touched by poverty. Working for LUNA gives them not only hope but also creates a sustainable income. The company deals with them directly, with no middleman so they receive 100% of what is paid.

The philosophy

LUNA preserves South Africa's heritage timber and reduces waste of wood by recycling it into high-end products. It creates jobs for people without any hope for employment. It gives them regular income and provides social stability. I am pretty sure the Fanner brothers have halos above their heads!

The product

With a great attention to detail, every frame is made of various type of timber and finished by hand. It is not only a beautiful picture frame with a contemporary design, it's much more: the material has a story. It may have been a deck of old pirate ship in hunt of treasure, or frame of a mirror that belonged to a silent movie celeb or ceiling of an antique house burned for ages by the sun. Each frame is distinctive, high quality and individual, just like memories that you put inside. 

To see our collection of frames please follow me. Enjoy!


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New collection of Scandinavian furniture, lighting & accessories

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The summer has started (though you never know in UK...), the World Cup (apparently) is more exciting than ever, Wimbledon is on (bye-bye Murray, thank God for the second hottie - Federer!), and the festival season is getting busier and busier (Music+rain+mud. Yes, no and no.).

In the middle of this super hot on-the-sofa-in-front-of-tv-season we launched our new collection of furniture & lighting (go us!) by NORR11.


NORR11 is a design and lifestyle very young brand from Germany and Denmark. Their range of accessories - from ceramic bowls to floor cushion- and furniture is described a modern Scandinavian design combine with authentic Asian craftsmanship. Their motto is: sophisticated design at an affordable price. Well who wouldn't agree!


NORR11’s designers work closely with manufacturers in China and Indonesia. They accompany every single product from its first draft at our Copenhagen design studio to its final production in Asia. The result is a range that is a part of the Scandinavian tradition with shapes and materials of Asian roots and as such add colour and dynamics to the collection.


Most of the products are handcrafted. The brand works very closely with local manufacturers and artisans, especially with traditionally crafted products. They only use fabrics and materials of the highest quality that have been carefully selected and certified. They believe that this is the only way to guarantee consistently high quality and flawless workmanship.

Give them a warm welcome and have a browse through our online shelves. Pick up your favorites and let us know what you think! And most of all - enjoy ethical shopping!


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5 reasons in pictures why I loved Salone del Mobile 2014

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It was sunny, it was busy, it was stylish (Milan!). But most of all it very inspirational and full of people of passion and great energy. Thank you for sharing it with me, it was an extraordinary experience! 

Below my top 5 picks from the show, I hope it will give you the feel of it!

Ps. Apologies for the quality of pictures, my camera definitely needs an upgrade!:)


5. New family of products by Italian Sipa. Didn't Snow White and Seven Dwarfs have one?!

4. I was overwhelmed and positively surprised by quality and style of Japanese furniture! My personal favorite Maruni: 


3. Do you recognize? It's Brubeck chandelier from Delightfull!

2. I see pink flamingo and can't help myself but hum 'Miami vice' theme!

1. A Puma in a golden collar. Enough said.




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